Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Indian woman kills a leopard with a spade after a long fight [PHOTOS]


kamla devi

A leopard was killed with a farming tool by a 54-year-old Indian woman called Kamla Devi after it attacked her on her way home from the fields last Sunday.

According to the mum of one, the leopard attacked her as she walked back from working in the fields, and she fought him back using her sickle and a small spade. She says it took an hour before the injured leopard gave in, after which she had to walk more than half-a-mile before finding help.

She suffered deep cuts on her body and three fractures, and had lost significant amounts of blood by the time she reached a hospital. The animal was later found dead near Ms Devi’s village, Koti Bodna, in Rudarprayag.

An unnamed villager told India Today:

While Kamla was on her way to the village, the leopard attacked her. She showed great courage by fighting the animal with a sickle and a small spade. The animal fled the spot after the struggle. We later found the leopard dead near the village.'Ms Devi, a widow, told local media that she remembers the entire fight, and how long it was. Medical staff has said that although she is in stable condition, she has had to have more than 100 stitches, suffering deep cuts on her head and legs. She is also being treated for two fractures on her right hand and one on her left.

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