Saturday, 30 August 2014

See what a monstrous child did to this little girl AvaLynn [PHOTO]



The evil child that did this must be though a lesson...

“Earlier this week while her class was on the playground at school, AvaLynn was attacked by another child. She was kicked repeatedly in the face until she fell off the slide. The teachers claim to have not seen anything.

If this is true, then why in the world was someone not in a position where they could have stopped this assault once it began? It’s obvious by the photos that much more than a single kick was required to cause such damage. If it is not true, then why would the teachers not speak up so that the child responsible can be punished, and the victim be protected?

If you wish to help, please share this page through your FB page, as well as the GoFundMe page linked to in our “About” section. Ava’s family looks to have a nasty battle ahead of them, and any help spreading the word about what has happened or any donations that could be made to help with medical, therapy, and legal costs, no matter how small, would be most appreciated.”

little girl AvaLynn

Little Ava before the incident
Ava with her mother

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