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Which would you prefer – good sex or good food?


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A popular cliché says that a hungry man is an angry man. Marriage counsellors have found out that so many marriages break up when there is no money to feed adequately. But there is a growing desire among couples not only to satisfy their stomachs but sexual appetites.

Both cannot be ignored in marriage
Oni Olugbenga

I will choose both because neither can be ignored in marriage. Come to think of it, if a man eats good food, that is when he will demand for sex, and if you look at what is happening today, ladies who entice other women’s husbands with food tend to end up in those men’s bedrooms. A wife should take both seriously. A woman who cooks well will be in the heart of her husband at all times. So for me, good food precedes good sex.

Only a healthy man remembers sex
Oyalami Tayo

I will choose good food for sure because it is only when a man is healthy that he can remember to satisfy his sexual appetite. Both food and sex are directly proportional to each other, though. If a woman can cook well, that is when her husband will enjoy her in the bedroom. Her skill in the kitchen is more important to me than her skill in the bedroom. So, good food appeals more to me than good sex.

Sex without food is like digging one’s grave
Idowu Kayode

Sex without food is like digging one’s own grave. What is sex without food? Man can survive in life without sex, but not without good food. Food is more important than sex to me. I even believe as time goes on in marriage, we will not have the time to think about sex all the time. When we’ve both gone out to work and come back in the night, where is the time to think of sex? Sex is important, no doubt, because it brings intimacy, but good food is more important.

Good sex requires good food
Bello Oluwaseyi

It is kind of funny to me. Before you engage in sex, you must have eaten good food because the former activity requires energy. So definitely, I will choose good food over sex. Both are important in marriage because one cannot even enjoy sex if one does not have a wife who can cook very well. But if I find out my wife cannot cook very well, I will send her to a catering school to learn. That is the only way I can enjoy good sex.

Both are not substitutes
Oyejide Olaniyan

They are two equations that cannot be replaced with each other. They are complements in the sense that it is when a man enjoys good food that he will have the energy to engage in sex. Neither can be ignored in the home. They both keep the marriage alive. If a woman appeals to the stomach of her husband, she will appeal to his mind also. It is as simple as ABC.

We will enjoy it when we have strength
Otuama Ngozi

He will have to wait until I finish eating. I mean, sex is not everything. There must be mutual understanding to be able to enjoy good sex, and not just because he needs it. In fact, I would like him to eat as well, have some rest and wait until we are both in the mood. It is not right for a man to just jump on a woman and begin to have sex because he is in the mood. It should be mutual. Imagine a situation whereby we eat, relax together, have some chat and naturally lure ourselves into it. I believe that is better than one person being in the mood and the other longing to eat.

I will appeal to him to let me eat
Ukoji Chidinma

What if we collapse during the sex as a result of hunger or lack of strength? Anyway, I will try and explain to him because I’m not supposed to deny him of sex. Another thing is that because of the hunger, I may not be able to respond appropriately, so, I will talk to him, in fact, I will appeal to him and make him understand why he should let me eat, so that he can also enjoy it. Sex is more interesting when we both have strength and we are in the mood. If he insists, I will answer him, but when he sees that I am not responding, I’m sure he will allow me to go and eat because good sex involves the active participation of the two parties.

I will eat before any other thing
Ngozi Odinaka

I will eat before anything because sex requires energy, and I need to eat to have strength that is needed for the sexual intercourse. If he loves me, he is supposed to understand that I am hungry and then consider my own needs too. If he insists on having sex at that time, then he is selfish. He might as well rape me. If I am sick, is he going to be pestering me like that for sex? Marriage is not about sex or having what you need from the other person instantly. There should be some understanding. So, he shouldn’t be selfish. I will eat.

I cannot deny him of sex because of food
Christie Akarah

It is not good for a woman to deny her husband when he needs sex, so I won’t deny him, even though it may not be convenient for me at that moment. For peace to reign and for him to feel good, I will oblige him as long as we have enough strength to do it, and I will prepare the food afterwards for us to eat. There could be some fun eating together after a good time. I cannot deny my husband sex, no matter what, because in this case, his sexual urge may fade out and I don’t want any guilt or bad feeling because I wanted to eat. Food can always come later. Since it is not a scenario that happens all the time, I will oblige him.

I cannot be hungry and still think of sex
Victoria Okpara

Sex is not food, and I hope none of us will faint in the process, because we need strength and energy to have sex. What if the children are also crying because of hunger, do we leave them and have sex because someone needs to satisfy his sexual urge? Even if the children are not there, one of us might faint in the process, because sex requires a lot of energy. I cannot be hungry and be having sex because marriage is about love and if he loves me, he must respect my wish and let me eat, or did he marry me because of sex? So, I won’t put my life on the line because I want to be a good woman; I must eat. We should control our feelings and not let our feelings control us, maybe before I finish cooking or eating, the urge would have gone and we can have it at a better time. What if he just came back from work, tired, and I insist on having sex, would he not see it as unfair? So, understanding matters. I must eat because sex is not a child’s play.

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