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TB Joshua Making Headlines In Poland for His Prophecies


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On Sunday 31st August, 2014, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua made several bold prophetic proclamations concerning upcoming international events.

One of his prophetic messages concerned an imminent crisis in the European nation of Poland, a message which was published in local Polish media at the time, including Poland’s most popular online news outlet Fakt.

The Nigerian cleric said, “The nation Poland – there will be crisis there. The crisis will start any moment from now. It will start in a funny way... with internal crisis. What is the word 16?”

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Months later, Polish media are reporting events that show remarkable semblance to TB Joshua's words.

On 16th November, local elections were held in Poland, the ensuing controversial results igniting several protests with the nation’s main opposition leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, claiming they were 'falsified.'

After the results were belatedly released on 22nd November, Kaczynski stated, ''We must sound the alarm and save Polish democracy,'' citing significant differences in the actual results to the tallies indicated by the exit polls, alongside almost 20% of the votes being strangely invalidated.

Computer glitches caused further chronic delays in the release of the results, prompting a series of protests and marches from aggrieved citizens.

“Do the current events related to local elections make this prophecy take on new meaning,” Polish website asked, reminding Poles of the Nigerian clerics words several months ago. “It should be recalled that the elections were held on 16th November. Meanwhile, confusion still persists after them.”

Incidentally, Joshua claims to have predicted the disaster that struck Poland in April 2010 when the Polish President Lech Kaczyński and 95 others were tragically killed in a plane crash in Smolensk.

In March 2010, Joshua had prophesied about an aircraft ‘full of people’ which ‘lost control in the air’ and crashed. He described the passengers as ‘government officials’ and ‘important people.’

This week, Joshua was declared among the 100 most influential Africans in 2014 by the New African Magazine.

Last week, Italian politician and peace mediator Mario Giro cited Joshua as an example of the ‘new breed of African prophets’ in his column for Huffington Post.

Patrick Kabwela, who has been closely following T.B. Joshua's prophecies, wrote in from Lusaka, Zambia

SOURCES: Various Polish News Sites

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