Thursday, 15 January 2015

Angry Women Set trap for 'Underwear Thief' then disgrace him in Public [PHOTOS]


women underwear thief

Everyday for the thief they say, but one day for the owner was exactly what happened to an alleged Chinese bra bandit who was fond of stealing wet bras of women who hanged them outside their homes to dry, shamed after being caught red-handed.

Chan Chun Chee, 32, was forced to walk around a block of flats in Singapore with bras and undies hanging from his neck after residents laid a trap following different days of bra theft.

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Local man Teo Goh, 56, said: "We first became suspicious after my wife found one of her bras missing when she woke up in the morning. "Over the next couple of weeks other residents began noticing lingerie being stolen either from courtyards or balconies and we realised there was a serial thief at work. "We realised he was targeting windows where he knew women lived."Knowing that the perverted prowler would be watching, the residents arranged for a woman to leave some of her freshly-washed underwear by an open window to dry.

Goh explained: "He came at around midnight and as soon as he was in the room we grabbed him, forced him to wear the girl’s lingeries and then frog-marched him from door to door making him confess what he had done and to promise he would never do it again. "And then we called the police."

A police spokesman said: "We don't condone vigilante activity but in this case it seems to have turned out OK." The man now faces three years jail for breaking and entry and theft.


Ahaahahaha, pervert, what does he want with bra?

So bad, what is he doing with it this is madness nai

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