Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dogs abandoned for 9 years given dramatic makeover



Nine dogs have been found abandoned in such a poor state they were unable to see or stand properly.

The nine animals were found in such a poor state - with long matted fur covering their faces - that at first RSPCA officers in Winchester didn't even realise they were dogs.

The pets were found across the city yesterday, Each dog took around three hours to shave. Winchester City Council's senior animal welfare officer, Dave Griffiths, said:

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'In my 25 years of being in this line of work I've never seen anything like it.''My guess is that the puppies were mistreated all their lives and have always been in awful conditions.'
I suspect they have been keeping them in an outside outhouse or a shed.'I certainly think they were kept outside in a building of some sort.' 
I can't understand how someone would let it get to that extent. To let a dog get to that stage is something I have never seen before. 
'The mum is very people shy and she was in a very bad condition.'They were terrified and and really scared, my heart went out to them.
'These dogs aren't pedigree dogs, but they would be worth anywhere from £300 to £500 as puppies - not in this condition though, it's really sad. 
'It's not easy to trace the owner, we're putting out appeals and we are trying to trace them. But because they weren't pedigree anyone could have bred them.'

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