Thursday, 15 January 2015

Nigerian Army received Military hardware from Russia


In order to successfully prosecute the war on terrorism especially in the Northeast part of the country, Nigerian Military authorities have started taking delivery of military hardware, The Punch has reported.

The report also indicated that the military hardware was imported from Russia, Belarus and some Eastern European countries.

The hardware include military attack helicopters which were shipped in through the Port of Lagos and were immediately transported to an unknown location in Abuja and other parts of the country.

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Along the Okenne Lokoja Abuja Express way, several Russian made Armoured Personnel Carriers, APCs were seen being transported in long open military trucks.

Other heavy military trucks were also seen carrying containers of items suspected to be military hardware on the same route.

An official source, who spoke on the ground of anonymity confirmed the information saying: “It is true that we have started receiving some military hardware in the country. Of course, we couldn’t get them from our friends in the West. It is no longer news that they refused to sell to us.

“We are getting the items from Russia, Belarus and other Eastern European countries. They are coming in batches. We are receiving them in batches both by sea and by air.

“Apart from the items from Lagos, there are others coming in by air from the air ports in Kaduna and Kano.

“Some of the items that are being received include the APCs that you saw and components of some Air Force platforms. Yes, there are some attack helicopters; they are to be coupled together in the country. These are expected to boost the already high morale of the troops.”

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It will be recalled that the governments of Russia and Nigeria signed a contract for delivery of these helicopters in August.

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