Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Chinese Website lets Women Hire Temporary Boyfriends


hire boyfriend china

For some women, the pressure from family to get married can get very intense. Capitalizing on this fact, Chinese website,, offers women the opportunity to rent temporary boyfriends to show their parents.

According to Daily Mail, single Chinese women are often desperate to find a boyfriend to take home for the holidays, so that their families can stop putting pressure on them to get married. Chinese New Year took place on February 19th, and many single ladies seized the opportunity to rent temporary boyfriends.

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On Taobao, known as China’s largest online marketplace, temporary male companions can be rented from as little as 1,000 Yuan (£103) to 10,000 Yuan (£103,300) a day.

Some of the men charge extra for romantic activities such as visiting the cinema together, cuddles, hand holding, shopping trips, etc.


Would you rent a temporary boyfriend to take home to your parents?

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