Thursday, 19 February 2015

Man dumped by girlfriend dismantles ATM machine for seizing his card [PHOTO]


A man who attacked a cashpoint machine with a meat cleaver before smashing it to pieces told police he was only trying to get his bank card back.

Heartbroken Zhu Xiao was drowning his sorrows after being dumped by his girlfriend when the machine swallowed his card as he tried to withdraw money.

In a rage at not being able to continue drinking, he then dismantled the machine in a desperate attempt to reclaim his card.

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He was spotted by a passer-by who called the police - but by the time they arrived, he had already fled the scene.A police spokesman said:

'We managed to track him down using CCTV footage and the next day confronted him at a cyber cafe.He said he hadn't being trying to rob the machine but that he had wanted to retrieve his card.When we told him he could have gone to the bank the following day and they would have opened the machine for him, he said he wasn't aware of that.

'We checked out the story and it turned out to be true. He was very apologetic but was arrested for causing damage to property

According to Huffington post,Zhu now faces a faces a repair fee of approximately £6,000

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