Wednesday, 18 March 2015

APC campaign group chides Jonathan over Immigration tragedy compensation


A party with no scruples

Today, we mark another epoch failure of a party of unscrupulous people who lack any sense of decency and empathy to the people they claim to want to serve. When a group of individuals in their quest for power goes all out, remove every border and boundaries of accountability and responsibility to gain and control the minds of the people through wanton lies and half-truth propagandas, we see a clear exhibit of an evil, desperate and despicable power hungry socio-paths; believers of power must be gained by any means possible.

The depth to which PDP, a party that has shown time and time again that it lacks any sense of social etiquette and decency reached an all-time low with the recent advert they placed in ‘THISDAY”newspaper of March 16th 2015 where they took a son’s loving tribute to a departed father, twist it and falsely tries to use it to score cheap political points against the person of General Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential aspirant of All Progressive Congress (APC).

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Major Daniel Idowu Bamidele, a brilliant, career driven military officer was tried, found guilty of being an “Accessory After The Facts” during the Major Gideon Orka coup and was sentenced to death alongside some of Nigeria’s finest military minds including Major General Mamman Vasta by the General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida appointed military tribunal. He was executed on the 5th of March 1986.

His son Remi Bamidele took to his page on Facebook and paid a loving tribute to the memory of his father on the 5th of March 2015, PDP, the grovelling social media scavengers

that they have become, while stalking innocent Nigerians online saw this tribute and in their warped thinking decided to use it as a propaganda tool against General Muhammadu Buhari, who was nowhere near the seat of power when this unfortunate incident occurred.

Without seeking for permission from the Bamidele’s who are in mourning having recently lost their mother and had just buried her in February; PDP campaign team placed a full page advert in a national newspaper using the unfortunate and sad story of this quiet private

Nigerian family, used the photo of Major Bamidele his son uploaded and went further to write a false quote from one of the daughters.

To say that the family was devastated was an understatement. No one deserves such unkindness; here is a family who had been callously dealt with by the Nigerian State, being exploited again without any scruples by the same State for their selfish reasons.

PDP has proven time and time again that they do not care about the people; all they are interested in is power and how to remain in power, a case of taking someone’s intellectual material, twist it and use it without taking permission from the owner is clear a reflection of their socio-political ideology of “By any means necessary” and “Corruption is not stealing”philosophy. They fight dirty and will pull every and anybody down with them into the abyss of their rancid existence.

The Bamidele family have decided to sue the newspaper (and deservedly so) that carried the shameful advert and also pursue legal redress from PDP.

PDP must understand that in every sane society there is a level of decorum that defines how we live and there’s a point we should never cross and that is using other people’s misfortunes for their personal gains.

Their rabid, virulently vapid campaign communication strategies has clearly shown that PDP as a party is peopled by the very lowest of minds and intellects, men of criminal intents and pathological liars and Nigerians should be weary of every single one of them.

March 28 is a day of decision, make your choice wisely.

When our dear president and chief resident of one of the most corrupt political party upon the face of the earth stated that his political ambition is not worth a single blood of the Nigerian people, not many believed this, given that he’s a man well known for never keeping his promise.

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