Friday, 27 March 2015

Dare-devil tourists risk their lives just to take photos.....


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These are jaw-dropping pics taken by a group of daredevil tourists in Norway..In the photos taken between a mountain cervice on the edge of the Kjerag mountain in Rogaland, Norway, is situated more than 3,500ft above sea level..

It is a popular photo spot for thrill-seekers willing to risk their lives for a memorable holiday photo.

Software developer Ronny Randen, 39, took the photos while he was travelling with five friends to climb Preikestolen..He told Mailoline
‘During our visit if was a rainy, and the boulder was actually a bit slippery. There's a little path on the left side where you can jump onto the rock.

‘It's hard to describe the feeling of standing on the boulder. After walking up the mountains your legs are a bit tired, and the idea of jumping onto, and balancing on, a slippery boulder hanging above a fjord seems like a really bad idea.

‘But, to be honest, it's not hard getting out there, and it is well worth it.’The whole experience was so breathtaking and just looking at the images now really takes me back there.

‘It's not a place you go very often as it's a bit remote, but it's such an amazing piece of art from nature that it is definitely worth going.’

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