Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Women Who Pay For Sex: 'Why I spent $2,500 on sex with a father-of-one who already had a girlfriend'


Jodie Marsh travelled to the US to investigate the topic of women who pay for male escorts in her latest documentary

A woman who paid $2,500 for sex with an escort, knowing he was a father-of-one, has said she would not hesitate to book an escort again - even if they were in a relationship.

Pretty American Cyndi features in Jodie Marsh's latest documentary, Women Who Pay For Sex, and recalled her date with a handsome escort during a segment on This Morning.

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She said: "I've been divorced for a few years and I haven't been dating. It was something I was curious about. It served my needs without getting super serious with anyone.

"The original plan was that we'd do a fun activity, we did yoga, it was good fun. He was really sweet and nice. I had an open mind about the chemistry, maybe it wouldn't work, maybe it would. It was a chance to hang out with a good looking man."

But the pair did hit it off and ended up having a steamy night of passion, which Cyndi insists is all she wanted and she would never have grown close to the hunk, who had a long-term girlfriend and child.

"I knew exactly what I was getting myself involved in," she said. "It was what it was. I thought he was adorable."

Cyndi admits she was shocked Jodie couldn't find a woman in the UK to speak about her experience with male escorts when there are 44,000 currently getting regular work.

As part of the show, Jodie, who has been celibate for four years, even hired one herself for a evening out and insists she would do it again.

She said: "At the beginning of the date, I found it quite awkward. He was in my space at bit, which I wasn't comfortable with. But by the end I'd definitely use one again. I don't want to be the older single woman [at events]."

Host Phillip Schofield asked why Jodie wouldn't just take a friend to an event, to which she replied: "People don't see you as a threat."

Talking about her documentary, the former glamour model also told Reveal magazine: "The women I met they were exactly how I thought they would be, people who wanted to have sex, still have a sex drive, have got a bit of money – they are the women who I thought would use an escort service.

"I wouldn't think it would be anything but that. Of course it's going to be somebody who is older, sexually frustrated and feels like they can't meet anyone decent. I know what that feels like, I'm 36 and I can't meet anyone.

"If you're independent, successful, have a career, have everything you want in life except a guy – where do you meet a guy that can offer you the things you need when you don't need any of the security and financial stuff, but you do need the companionship, the sex, the emotional stuff … it's really hard."

Source: Mirror

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