Saturday, 4 April 2015

All women are prostitutes - Yoruba actress Bose Arowosegbe


Busty and controversial Yoruba actress Bose has said all women are prostitutes.Speaking to Vanguard on why she named her soon to be released movie ‘.She said it's to dispel rumours that actresses are prostitutes because she believes all women are prostitutes..

“It’s because people think that actresses are prostitutes. To say the truth, I believe that all women are prostitutes. People who think it’s only actresses should go to other fields and see what they do there.

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To me, I still insist that every woman is a prostitute. People should go and watch my film, and they’ll know how. They should go to other fields, and they’ll see for themselves that those people are even worse than actors. God gave me the inspiration and I did it. It was God’s saying. Between a banker, actress and police, who is the prostitute?

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