Sunday, 19 April 2015

Alleged Witch caught pooing in a pastor's home [PHOTO]


A woman who can only be identified by her surname, Mahlalela, from Ebatsakatsini near Komatipoort in South Africa was caught red handed by a child in the wee hours of this morning, in the kitchen, defecating in a bucket inside the house of the Word of God Church Pastor, Pastor Nsingwane.

The man of the cloth says the way the woman got into his house remains a mystery as the doors and windows in the house were all shut and locked. When asked by the police what she was doing in the house, Mahlela told the police officer she was at the house to perform evil deeds on the family but she was caught, changing her earlier statement in which she’d claimed to be part of a team which works for a certain master and that she fell off the rope she was holding on to when she and her 15 collegues were flying.

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"We use a rope to fly and I was sitting at the back when I fell off,” she said.

The village of Ebatsakatsini is a place created for people evicted from any of the 54 villages around Nkomazi after being accused of witchcraft

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