Thursday, 23 April 2015

Footballer kicked off team for having sex with fan during match [PHOTOS]


British footballer Jay Hart, 24, was kicked out of his team, Clitheroe FC, after he was filmed having sex with a willing female fan he met during a football match.

Jay, who wasn't playing, was approached by the female fan. And after chatting for a few minutes, Jay, who has a girlfriend, took the lady to the manager dugout, pulled down his pants and started having sex with her. Another fan caught the action on a cell phone.

When the video went viral on social media, He was fired by his club. Club chairwoman Anne Barker told the media; “Jay Hart has been dismissed from the club. I can't have somebody wearing the Clitheroe FC tracksuit bringing us down. It has brought the club into disrepute and it's not proper for him to scupper our reputation. I expect our players to act professionally. We expect a certain level of behaviour and discipline. And that wasn’t it.".

Read Jay's apology below...

Jay later apologized to his fans, his club and girlfriend and blamed his behaviour on alcohol

"All I want say is that I regret doing what I did. I was drunk, I'd had more than a few drinks, and I want to say I'm sorry to my family and everyone involved at Clitheroe. I regret that I did it, not that I got caught. I've spoken and tried to sort things out with Bryony (his girlfriend)

“Everyone in the world knows about it, I just want to get my apology out there. I haven't seen the girl since, I don't have a clue who she is, don't have a clue.”

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