Monday, 6 April 2015

I don't go after politicians - Cossy Ojiakor


Cossy Ojiakor has opened up on why she didn't campaign for any politician. She told Punch

I don’t go after politicians. I just want the best for myself and the community I live in. That’s all I want. Where I live, we the residents wrote a letter to an aspirant in our area, complaining about our drainage. And the head of our community said we should vote for him and that the man would fix the drainage for us. Now, we have voted for him and he has won, I hope we will see him again.

We are just hoping he would come and do the drainage for us because the roads are very bad, especially during the rainy season. I want development where I live. That is what affects me as an individual. We keep hoping these politicians would do something, but they have not lived up to that expectation. I don’t see myself running after such people.

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Does it mean you didn’t join them because nobody invited you?

I didn’t do any of that because my kind of person is quite different. I’m not a beggar and I’m a very independent-minded person. There is always an offer and there is always sharing of money and all that, but I don’t need it. They shared money, I saw it but I didn’t collect because it’s nothing to me.

I do things that affect me as a person and that affects the people in my community and those I care for. I just want development where I stay and people around me, and I don’t even mind spending my own money to make sure people are okay. I’m more concerned with my environment. There is nothing they can give to me that can make it right. So, what’s the essence?

There is no need collecting money that is going to be beneficial to me alone. It’s not really affecting me as a person but people are suffering out there. I’m not happy with the government. If they don’t want to repair our road, maybe Governor Fashola should buy a speed boat for us to get to be able to get to our homes. I’m just tired of promises.

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