Friday, 22 May 2015

DIVORCE UPDATE: Pastor Chris and Wife Anita Reconcile?


When it comes to marriage issues, don't say never. I don't know how it happened but someone forwarded it to and we thought it wise to share this with you guys:


Brethren, please join me to thank God for bringing back this couple together again. When I first heard that this powerful man of God and his wife were divorced, it broke my heart, and I knew that something was wrong somewhere, for a servant of God to divorce his wife.

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However, this is an example of what God can do. When all hope was lost, and people were running their mouth, then God did what he alone can do, destroying the works of the devil that was operating in this family and brought them back together again, to show that God does not condone or tolerate the divorce of his children.

Remember, the devil does not take it lightly with any true and serious child of God who wants to do God's will. He wants to do everything possible to destroy their lives, but no matter what happens, God will give victory at last.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, may God continue to strengthen and use you mightily for his kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus. All glory to God.

Now, I decree for every marriage under the attack of the devil, may the Holy Ghost fire of God co

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