Friday, 15 May 2015

Doctors forget cellphone in woman's belly during C-section


A Jordanian woman has claimed that a doctor left his mobile phone in her abdomen after she underwent a Caesarean section.

Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, 36, was admitted to a private hospital in Amman, Jordan, for the delivery of her baby son on April 24, 2015.

Her mother, Majeda Abdul Hamid, said her daughter gave birth to a 4.8kg boy (10.5 lbs). Having appeared to have recovered from the procedure, she was sent home from hospital.However, she later complained of being in pain and her family noticed her stomach vibrating.

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"My daughter suffered serious pains and could not move," her mother said. "I brought her back to the hospital where she was treated but nothing was done for her."

Hanan was taken to the casualty department of Al Bashir public hospital, where X-rays revealed there was a foreign object in her abdomen. Surgeons operated to remove the mobile phone.

Parliament member Salim Al Bataynah has now called on the Jordanian government to resign as a result of the scandal.

He said:

"In countries which show respect to their nations, and following such scandals, governments usually resign. The parliament should show responsibility and be on the level of the case."

However,the Jordanian Health Ministry spokesman Hatem Al Azrae has claimed Hanan's story was "baseless and a fabricated one", but added that the ministry is investigating the matter.

Culled from International Business Times

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