Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Outrage over Tycoon 'Candyman' who has wife on a dog leash, sleeps with her best-friend [PHOTOS]


His wife and her best-friend on leashes captioned 'Doggy Style'

Australia's Hugh Hefner has received heavy bashing from the public including his wife's grandparents after his wild lifestyle with other women was aired on national Tv last night,

Travers Beynon, a tobacco tycoon known as the Candyman hosts lavish parties at a sprawling $3.7 million riverside property on the Gold Coast, where here lives with his wife Taesha.

Taesha has the title of The Candyman's wife, she shares the former model and AFL star with hundreds of other women, including her best friend who shares their bed nightly.

Mr Beynon has four children, two with Taesha and two with his former wife and Miss World 1991, Ninibeth Leal.

Her grandparents who were horrified after seeing her on a leash, said he has destroyed their little girl..

We just want to hold them for the first time,' 'We just want to walk in there and grab Taesha, grab the girls, and pull them out of there.''We don't spend a lot of time looking at it his website because it breaks our heart.'

'He may think this is funny, but I don't think anyone finds it funny.'

Mr Apple by says he and his wife are heartbroken that they missed their granddaughter's wedding and cannot contact their great grandchildren.

His wife

His brunnette wife sleeping with her best friend who she lets share their bed

Gifts for his wife and bestfriend/mistress

Defending his actions he shared this image this morning with caption "Our mornings are like everybody else. I am their PROTECTOR & PROVIDER. #wearesafewithourdad #rolemodel.'

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