Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Pathetic Bandwagon Of Nigerian Trekkers – By Paul Olarewaju


Hunger is indeed not the worst feature of unemployment, idleness is! Idleness plays tricks on the human mind, as it convinces one to turn boredom to pathetic pleasure most times.

Little wonder in a country like Nigeria where about 70 per cent of our 80 million youths are either pitiably unemployed or underemployed, idleness has gotten the better part of some people who now see trekking form one state to another as a ‘full time job’.

Simply because a man identified as Suleiman Hashimu, got the attention and recognition he desired when he trekked from Lagos to Abuja for thirteen days to celebrate the victory of Nigeria’s president elect, so many feeble minds now see long distance trekking as a short cut to fame and fortune.

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A couple of days ago, I read an annoying story of a heartless and selfish woman, who decided to embark on a trek from Minna to Abuja with her 40-day-old baby, all in the name of honouring the president elect whom I am very sure will be extremely disappointed at such stunt.

Another desperate young man, Oladele Nihi obviously decided to embark on a trek from Abuja to Otuoke for the outgoing president, after seeing how Suleiman Hashimu was celebrated in Abuja. He evidently must have thought trekking for the outgoing president will fetch him more goodies and attention since he is the first to do such in ‘honour’ of his deeds. As if that wasn’t enough, in the chase for better media buzz and attention, a lady identified as Gloria squeezed her way into the trek. And ever since, lots of inept minds have been joining the chase for that which is not missing.

Is it worth it? Are there no better logical and reasonable ways to celebrate an achievement, success or heroic deed of a political leader without wasting precious days or weeks of your life? It is a common saying in this part of the world that time is money. Since time is equal to money, and money is essential to life, this simply implies that some un-calculative, less privileged Nigerians are just pathetically wasting a precious part of their lives and opportunities to better their world and that of others.

If 9yr old Nicole Eniiyi Benson could understand and put into practice the power of proper time and financial investment, by donating N10, 000 out of her savings to the political party she celebrates and the candidate of her choice, while still chasing her precious dreams and aspirations, I think adults should know and do better!

Why pause your life because of the achievement(s) of another person and contribute nuisance to the society? I’m pretty sure majority of these feeble and desperate minds didn’t even exercise their civic responsibility of voting during the election.

I am almost certain that NO political leader in present Nigeria will trek just one local government to another for your sake even if your life depends on it! Wisdom is highly profitable Naija trekkers, don’t trek away your future in exchange for peanuts and a few moment of fame.

To aspiring trekkers, avoid the beaten path and save yourself from the traps of a futile journey.

By Paul Olarewaju

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