Saturday, 23 May 2015

Why I can never cheat on my wife - Kenneth Okonkwo


Last year, veteran Nollywood actor and lawyer,Kenneth Okonkwo shocked man when he said he had not cheated on his wife of 7 years..In a new interview with the Sun,when asked how he achieved that, he said

I don’t like discussing my private life. So, I don’t want to be hammering on that because some of my brothers who may not be on that pedestal may view it as if one is trying to make them feel guilty. I was not a good guy. The truth is that, I have told my wife that I am not cheating on her, not because of her but because of God. So, it is rather about the fear of God than love for my wife, which is legendary. I tell you the truth, if you meet my wife, you will have no choice than to love her because she is beautiful, brilliant and somebody you can communicate and play with as if both of you are children. She is a very compatible woman, and even if I wasn’t born again, and if it were not for the grace and fear of God, I would have still loved her.

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But I wouldn’t have a commensurate strength of character to be able to stand and not cheat on her. Some men that love their wives very much are still cheats, not because they want to cheat, but because the temptations in the world are so much that you need to have Jesus as Lord and saviour before you can overcome, especially in this modern time. I think what is working for my wife and I is not relating to each other as husband and wife but as friends. We still look at each other as girlfriend and boyfriend. I was once travelling from Abuja to Lagos and I met a lady, who was with her husband, and I asked her ‘is this your boyfriend?’ and she screamed ‘he is not my boyfriend, he is my husband!’ And I told her ‘I’m sorry, I thought you people are like husband and wife, who see each other as such’. My wife then walked in and asked, ‘is that her boyfriend?’ And the couple looked at each other in amazement. So, if your wife is just a wife to you or your husband is just a husband to you, good for you.

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