Friday, 15 May 2015

Woman Caught & Publicly Disgraced for Stealing Bag of Clothes in Abidjan Market


This woman was caught sneaking out with someone's bag of clothes in a market. What actually happened was that she came with another bag which resembled the real bag of clothes pretending to buy something from a shop. Meanwhile the real owner of the clothes bag was inside trying to negotiate prices with the shop owner, not knowing that the other lady was trying to exchange the both bags so that she won't suspect.

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Well, it almost worked for her. She exchanged the bags and made away with the real bag but so unfortunate for her, the real bag owner came outside to put some new clothes she bought inside the bag and behold, the bag was filled with trash... then she quickly raised alarm and by then, the thief wasn't that far away so people started chasing after her, caught up with her and gave her the highest disgrace of her life.

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