Saturday, 9 May 2015

Yes!...I'm getting married this year - Denrele


Denrele Edun has been talking about his plans to get married for quite a while now.But,in a ne winter view with Saturday Beats, he says the married is taking place this year.
“It is true that I am about to get married but it is not now. I would get married later this year. It was meant to be a secret but I don’t know how everybody has heard. I just hope ‘bad bele’ people would not jinx the marriage for me and make the girl that wants to marry me change her mind. She is the same girl I spoke about with you during our last interview.
I cannot explain how the girl captured my heart but everyone would find out on the D-Day. I don’t want to share the identity of my wife now. When the time comes, people would know who she is,

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