Thursday, 25 June 2015

Footballer Cavani sent off for slapping Chile defender who 'inserted finger into his anus' [PHOTOS and VIDEO]


Why would you insert your finger inside another man's anus? That's what Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara did yesterday during a match with Uruguay. He patted Uruguay star Edinson Cavani on the butt then inserted a finger into his butt. Cavani turned and flicked a hand into Jara's face, who fell on the floor like he had been kicked. Cavani was sent off after the incident because he already had one yellow card. The match officials didn't see what the defender had done to Cavani. But after the match, post match cameras showed what had happened and Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez is asking Jara to be sanctioned, saying Cavani had been the victim of provocation.

Chile won the match 1-0. Watch the video after the cut...

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Is that guy a gay, Cavani should have done more to him

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