Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I Am Very Good in the Bedroom – Yoruba Actress


Fast rising Yoruba actress, Tamilore Martns was asked by about her take on s*x and if she can do without it for a long time. The babe got so excited as soon as she heard s*x. Lol! Her words below:

“S*x is a normal thing between adults, and it’s biblical that we should be having it with our loved ones before we have reproduction. To me, it is a thing I do with someone I love and not who I like, and it’s something I love doing because I know I’m very good at it.

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Yes, I can say I’m perfect in love making. But don’t forget I said I love doing it with someone I love. I do have it as long as my partner wants it. I won’t hesitate if he demands for a marathon s*x daily.

On how I feel if I don’t have it in a week, I will implore you to get me right please, I’m not an addict, sometimes I don’t have s*x for months, but when I want to have it, I make sure I do it wholeheartedly.

I love it because it makes me feel cool and relaxed. I could as well relax without having s*x, but s*x cools the mind.

There you have it guys, if you want to cool your mind you now know what to get engaged in. *wink*

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