Sunday, 28 June 2015

I’m Done With My Sex Break, Open to Dating Now - Alex Okoroji


Pretty actress, Alex Okoroji, was once married to Omar Captan, Ghanaian ‘fine boy’ actor. Not so many people would know the marriage packed up almost as soon as it was contracted.

Indeed, speaking to Saturday Beats on the phone recently, Alex admitted her marriage lasted for a short time though she was not ready to reveal how long she was married.
“I can’t really tell you how long I was married. Sometimes, you won’t realise that a relationship is over until it is actually over. It was shorter than 18 months technically,” she said.
But her marriage, short as it may have been, produced a beautiful baby who is the centre of the actress’s life.

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Talking about currently being a single mother, Alex said it has made her to become stronger.
“You tend to be more self-sufficient. I’m playing double roles; being the dad and mum at the same time. It’s a little challenging but at the same time, it’s good. Sometimes, separation is not always a bad option.”
When asked if she would eventually reconcile with her ex, Alex said, “No. I don’t think so. I think he has moved on and I’ve moved on as well. So, I’m not thinking towards that direction anymore. I think the most important thing is for us to remain parents to our child. I’m not interested in being a couple. I just want everybody to play their roles. That’s all. You can never stop being a parent, be it a father or a mother to your child, but you can stop being a wife or a husband.”

Alex claimed she is not in a relationship at the moment. She said, “I’m married to my work. My focus at the moment is working on my purpose and building on my career. I was distracted for a long time. At such times, you get married, have a child and focus on your child, but when that is out, I have another focus. Right now, my focus is on my child and my career. Every other thing is by the way.”

Alex claimed she has been celibate for a long time but she is done with it and is ready to date again.
“I’ve been separated for so long but a lot of people didn’t know until recently that it came out in the papers. So, I’m absolutely done with my break, but I’m not in a relationship. I’ve moved on since then. It’s possible to be on a break, and at the same time be focused on your work. You may not be in a serious relationship with someone but then, you are having a casual relationship with someone or you are seeing someone once in a while. I’m very open to dating but I’m not in a relationship with anybody. Right now, my focus is on my work but that doesn’t mean that if somebody that I like or get along with comes, I won’t give attention. I’ll definitely be open to that. So, I’ve gone past my break,” she said.

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