Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cultism and Confraternity are not the Same – Prof Wole Soyinka


”Belonging to confraternities is a normal culture in colleges and not an evil cult, as wrongly portrayed by ignorant persons in Nigeria. Everybody knows that fraternities are a normal culture in all colleges. It exists in all colleges. President Clinton was a member of a fraternity.

In fact, anybody who goes to college in the United States is a member of a college fraternity.There is absolutely nothing evil or occultic about fraternity. But here, the media is largely responsible for fueling the ignorance of society of the words ‘cultism’ and ‘fraternity’. This is a disservice and I have said it again and again.
There are evil cults, whose members must prove themselves by going to rape. There are others whose entry is to slash or eat somebody or rob; it has nothing to do with college fraternity. The media owes the responsibility to constantly tell the public the truth. But they go on and children grow up, believing that college fraternity is Satanic, demonic and this is wrong.”

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