Monday, 31 August 2015

IGP Arase reduces number of policeman attached to governors from 150 to 62


The Inspector General of Police has reduced, drastically, security details of Nigerian Governors to a maximum of 62 men, from about 150 policemen.

Arase, who spoke in Lagos at the weekend, said the police were worried that too many of their officers and men were doing jobs other than their core police duties, yet they were being promoted.

“When these people now have to be deployed from these special assignments back to their core duties, they may have lost touch,”
According to him, that was behind the decision to withdrawal security from unauthorised persons who use police orderlies for personal aggrandisement rather than as a result of a real threat to their lives. Such people, he said, should find other ways to secure themselves.

According to him, policemen working in other agencies like the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), NAPTIP, ICPC and others, who had stayed more than five years, were recalled to be replaced with another set, if necessary.

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Why does anyone need 62 security men? It is ridiculous how our country operates. I cannot believe 150 men allocated any Governor in the first place. No wonder crime rate is always on the high. All the Police officers are busy running after one man whose life is not threatened by anyone. Wake up Nigeria!!! Assign Governor 20 men team of security officials and that's a lot.

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