Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Kardashians FURIOUS Over Tyga's New Sex Song About Kylie


Earlier today, Tyga dropped a single called “Stimulated” off of his new album "Fu-- Wat They Talkin Bout" and a source is now revealing to Radar Online that there is one group of people that are definitely not feeling the song at all: the entire Kardashian family!

In the song, Tyga raps,

They say she is young, I shoulda waited. She a big girl, dawg, when she stimulated. She a big girl dawg, I’m puttin’ in. Yeah I’m penetrating.

Although the lyrics don’t ever actually state that Tyga is talking about his 18 year old girlfriend, fans were quick to make the connection on social media and the source is now saying that the reference that he makes to sex with a younger girl has the family outraged.
Follow the jump to see what the Kardashians' thoughts on the song are:

Speaking to RadarOnline, the source said:

“This is just so disgusting that the Kardashian family cannot even believe Tyga went there,” the insider tells Radar. He was doing so well and getting along great with Kylie’s sisters and parents and now he just lost huge brownie points because he dragged he completely disrespected her.

Tyga recently inked a contract for his appearance on the hit TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which will have him as a semi-regular on the show.

Due to this new contract, the source said:

“Tyga knows not to discuss Kylie with anyone and then he goes and writes a song about having sex with her. It is just absolutely repulsive!”

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