Wednesday, 19 August 2015

See what these women did to their cheating men [PHOTOS]


Will such deadly act make their lovers love them?

The saying Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned was demonstrated by an angry lover who found out her man was cheating with a co-worker.

While he was sleeping, the unknown lady snuck up on him, with a camera running, and set the underwear he was wearing on fire.In the 30 second video obtainedby Elite Daily,

She then opens a bottle of nail polish remover and slowly pours some of the liquid over the groin area of his underwear.With a lighter, she sets the front of his underwear on fire. It only burns for about a second before her boyfriends jolts awake, screaming and batting at the flames.

'You cheating on me with my f***ing co-worker, you didn't think I was gonna find out?' she is heard saying as he rolls over and moans, holding his crotch.'Get your s*** and get the f*** out,' she says, as he falls off the bed and stumbles off camera.

In Japan this year, one woman threw all of her boyfriend's apple products in the bath
In February, pictures surfaces showing a car destroyed by a jilted wife

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Ehehehhehe! I think dey should change the name of the game to "Angry women"

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