Friday, 28 August 2015

'Stupid' man bitten by rattlesnake after posing for picture with deadly slitherer faces losing hand


According to UK Mirror

A "foolish" man who picked up a rattlesnake to pose for a photograph with it faces losing his hand after being bittten.

Alex Gomez, 36, said he came across the 4ft-long venomous snake behind his house in Lake Elsinore, California.

He picked up the slitherer and posed for pictures, taken by somebody else.

Judging by one image, he even wrapped the snake around his neck.

However, after the photographs were taken, the rattlesnake, unsurprisingly, bit Alex's hand, injecting him with venom.

Speaking to news outlet KTLA, he said he ran to a neighbour's house and asked them to call an ambulance.

He told KCAL9: "It was really thin and had ten rattles on it, it was rattling. It was really mad."

Alex was airlifted to Loma Linda Hospital immediately after the incident on Monday last week and was discharged three days later.

Alex Gomez has been discharged from hospital but could still lose his hand

There is still a possibility he could lose his hand.

His mother, Debra Gomez, released the photographs to "teach him a lesson".

She told KTLA: “I was terrified and I said ‘what a fool, stupid, you could die.'”

If the rattlesnake had bitten Alex's neck, he could have died.

Alex Gomez, 36, picked up the 4ft-long snake and even wrapped it around his neck while pictures were taken

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