Wednesday, 2 September 2015

26 year old man defiles 1 and a half year old girl in Benin [PHOTOS]


26 year old Daniel Paul from Akwa Ibom was arrested in Benin for defiling a one and a half year old girl. According to reports, Daniel, who lives in the same compound with the girl, lured her into his room, turned up the volume of the music in his room to reduce the baby's cries. He then proceeded to sexually assault the girl. After he let the girl go, her mother, who was selling outside the compound, noticed her child crying in anguish when she wanted to pass urine. When the mother noticed blood around her child's private part, she called the police & Daniel was arrested after which he confessed. What he said is chilling.

Above is the little girl. Upon doctor's examination, they confirmed the little girl had been molested as there was bruises and bleeding around the little girl's private part. Doctors also confirmed that the hymen of the little girl was broken.

Speaking about what he did, Daniel Paul said "I sleep with am." when police asked him how he slept with the girl, Daniel said "I put my thing. As my thing no enter, I want to push am e no fit enter, I come use hand. My hand enter"

Watch the video below...


Police arrest 26 year old man for defiling a 1 year and 6 months old baby in Edo state Nigeria
Posted by Nigeriacamera on Monday, August 24, 2015

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