Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Meet the man who donated hotel to Catholic Church, turned Tricycle (Keke) operator [PHOTO]


Last month,a man donated his hotel to a catholic church in Nassarawa state.Mr. Ray Ugba Morphy says his intent is to make a difference in the life of the underprivileged.He also decided to ride a Tricycle(KekeNapep) to know what the streets feel like .He shared his story through posts on his Facebook wall.

“Today, the 25th of August 2015, at 10.55am, I handed over my property at Lafia, Nasarawa State, to the Catholic Church for use as a hospital for the good of humanity. I know that most people do not know that the Catholic Church is the greatest helper of the internally displaced persons (IDPs); those victims of Boko Haram and land fracas between pastoralists and nomads. I hope my gesture can help.

“I am not even a Catholic but I believe I have obeyed my Father-in-heaven by handing this property to the Lafia Diocese of the Catholic Church. As we all know, the Catholic Church is the biggest charity service provider in Nigeria and I believe that the property I am giving away will be put to better use than the hotel it was.

“These are the photos of the signing over and handing over to Bishop Audu of Lafia Diocese. I am grateful to the Catholic Church for the role Caritas played in my life when we were civil war refugees (in the 1960s). May God bless them. Join me in thanking the King for giving me this opportunity to love. And for those who will criticize me for making this donation public, I don’t care about their opinions. For those who will be happy for me, I say the blessings of God be with you too.”

"I am back and I had a lot of fun today cruising the city as a keke Operator!Lots of fun carrying passengers to their destinations and then refusing their money.

Come and see surprise, consternation, wonderment and even fear!Moreover, I had a blast speaking to passengers with an Oxford accent. Some pitied me when I told them I just returned from UK and since I had no job, I took to keke riding.

Come and see sympathy. Ordinary Nigerians are truly kind and loving people! God bless you all for your kind hearts!

It was fun and I had the pleasure of sharing and interacting with people I would never had met otherwise! Glad I had the brainwave to do this.

A couple of females even shed tears of sympathy for me. They were sad that I came back home from abroad only to become a keke Operator! Women can be so kind!"

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Wow I am impressed by your actions. May God enrich your pocket and bless you with more and more. You shall never lack and never know starvation in your life. The God that you believe in shall be with you. Cannot stop praying for you after reading this post. You have healed a lot of wounded hearts and may God never let yours be hurt. You will excell!!!

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