Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Has Buhari really brought change? (Must Read)


CHANGE was the slogan of the now ruling party during elections, from one state to another the screaming of change JONATHAN was sang everywhere, there wanted power at the "center" now they do have it, aside changing the president, has Nigeria and Nigerians actually felt any change in the conditions of our lives and that of our dear country?

An amount of Nigerians can agree that the power supply has become better, but sadly enough it has not CHANGED! Slightly improving power from 3000+ megawatts to 4000+ megawatts is really not change, we wanted a complete change not a temporary because of the better rainfall change! Can they guarantee us that after the rainy seasons, they would be high power supply? We want upwards of 40,000 megawatts that's change!

So far so good, nothing has been said about policies and how these campaign promises can be achieved, all we hear are the same stories and presidential orders dished out, isn't it the same line Joe tolled that made Nigerians detest him? A lot of government agencies have not had any cultural or behavioral changes, just use the MMIA and see how customs, immigration and FAAN officials do the same business as usual attitude to work, these are just a little example of the changes Nigerians wanted to see!

Baba has 'changed' the direction of his presidential Jet more times than he has tried to convince Nigerians that he is really for good, a method whereby we only hear of his plans when he is far away in other countries really must stop!

Where did we hear that we would get ministers in September? USA! Did Obama go to Kenya to tell them about runnings in his government? Where did we hear that he would be petroleum minister? That same USA again! I guess he didn't attach portfolios to the names sent to the senate because he would have to brief foreign media first!

Technically the youths were shortchanged in this list again, can they not work with young Nigerians? A good amount of people who helped Baba set up with socia media accounts were youths, didn't he see the power, zeal and ability in these youth Nigerians? I guess that's a question for him to answer!

I admit that BABA seems a stronger man than Mr Jonathan, but strength without technical abilities is what has left Africa behind, we have too many strong people, other countries have more technical people.

This is not a criticism of the present government but a wake up call to deliver the goods of electoral promises without delay, not rush hour time, but Baba must remember that his good‎ will time is over....

Article written and submitted by
Bakare Ayobami...

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