Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Kylie Jenner's family disappointed with Kylie for bringing Tyga along during family holiday [PHOTOS]


Kylie Jenner's family were unimpressed when she invited her boyfriend over to join them for holiday in St.Barts

The 25-year-old rapper joined the reality stars for a holiday in St. Barts in August, but not everyone was thrilled about him crashing the ‘girls’ family vacay’.He is said to be paid $25k for every episode he appears in

In a promo for the upcoming eleventh season of the E! show, Kim could be seen telling her siblings and mom Kris Jenner that Kylie had invited Tyga to join them.

After a bikini-clad Kylie was seen picking her boyfriend up from the airport, he was shown sitting with the rest of her family at dinner.

‘Is that Kylie’s name?’ Kris wanted to know, noticing a tattoo on Tyga’s arm.
He confirmed that the inking was indeed for his teenage girlfriend, while she smiled proudly beside him.

Meanwhile Kendall appeared to be growing more and more frustrated as she spent time alone, while Kylie focused her attention on Tyga.

The 19-year-old decided to confront her little sister, and they are shown talking alone in a bedroom.

‘I was really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you,’ Kendall said sadly.

Kendall did nothing to hide the fact that she wasn’t thrilled to hear this news, while Kris didn’t look too pleased either.

Khloe however was more understanding, explaining that Kylie was probably tired of being around a big group of women.

‘Listen, I get it, I would rather be with a man too,’

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