Monday, 12 October 2015

Read What Senator Stella Oduah Said about Buhari’s Administration


Senator Stella Oduah, a one time Minister of Aviation, has said President Muhammadu Buhari’s intervention in the Burkina Faso coup and his decision on the re-introduction of a national carrier have shown that he has clear a policy direction.

Oduah said she was excited when Buhari said the country needed a national carrier. She said ‎a white paper had already been prepared on the issue of the national carrier while she was in office. She said:

“Yes, from my perspective, if you look at what happened in Burkina Faso and the way Mr. President intervened and ensured that civil rule was restored, it is a policy directive that we are going to have external foreign policy‎ not just to be donor to small nations, but we must get involved in their policy.
“We must get involved knowing that whatever happens to them will have overflow in what will happen to us.

“Take aviation for instance. Mr. President recently instructed that‎ they should go back to the issue of a national carrier.

“I was excited for the simple reason that he clearly understands how crucial it is for us to have a national carrier because of our flag. It is what people will look at, that it is a Nigeria airline that is coming. “But it must be privately managed.”

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