Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How Charlie Sheen slept with both male and female P0rn Stars


According to the UK's Daily Mail, Charlie Sheen, who is secretly battling HIV, has been paying male and female porn stars $30,000 a night each to hang out with him at his home, smoking crack cocaine and watching his old movies over and over. Charlie Sheen Is HIV POSITIVE.

Here is what they are reporting:

He gets everyone to sign a non-disclosure because he doesn't want you talking about the crazy stuff that goes on in his house but people do.

'They all talk because when they leave there with $25,000 they can't help but talk.'

The director and producer, who has been in the porn industry since 1997, said Sheen looks like he is in 'very poor health' but continues to take drugs and have sex with his many porn star guests.

'Charlie's been smoking crack since at least 2010,' he said. 'This hasn't slowed down since then - he's still active.

'Within the last six months his health condition is not good. I'm not saying whether that's got anything to do with HIV but I heard he looks like a mess.

'He's skinny, pale, he doesn't get out in the sun - he looks unhealthy. He has bandages on him, he's bleeding and he has band-aids all falling off - he just looks like a mess.

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