Sunday, 1 November 2015

If Amaechi is found guilty of corruption, he will seize to be a minister — Sen. Sani


Senator Shehu Sani has said that despite the confirmation of former Rotimi Amaechi as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, if any court of law finds him guilty of corruption, he will not continue to serve as a Minister in the Buhari led government. Sani said this while paying a get-well-soon visit to a veteran journalist and columnist, Abdulkareem Albashir today.

He said that the senate couldn't have stopped Amaechi's ministerial confirmation because all the petitions brought against him were mere allegations because no court had found him guilty of corruption.

“The APC position on corrupt allegation is that it is still an allegation and the issue is still in court which the senate committee should not have entertained in the first place. In the general sense, we are duty bound to protect the interest of someone in our party and the opposition has the right to object to who ever is presented.

In the broader sense, Nigerians and posterity will judge whether our approval of Amaechi was a tacit endorsement of corruption because the issues raised were not enough to stop his confirmation. But we must also understand that even if you are made a minister and you get convicted, the law will take its course. Certainly if he is found guilty, he would not continue to serve as minister under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.“he said

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