Sunday, 1 November 2015

Man Runs Mad after Stealing from Bishop David Oyedepo


Many people make light of one of the commandments of the Supreme Being, which states thus "thou shall not steal". Countless number of times, this simple instruction has been flouted with several culprits getting away unscathed, but that is not the case this time as you are about to discover.

If you are a clergyman or you are one of those who steal from sacred places, desist so you won’t end your life the way this man did.

Olawore, the man with the light fingers, exclusively gathered, was employed as an accountant with the Living Faith Worldwide a.k.a Winners Chapel some years ago.

It is mandatory that anyone who wants to work with the religious body, must undergo the church's pastoral training irrespective of the educational credentials presented. Before Olawore was employed, he was duly made to understand this pre-requisite. He was therefore enrolled at the theological seminary, from where he subsequently graduated and was employed as an accountant in the church.

Mr. Olawore as he was called to resume work and was assigned to counting and recording the church’s proceeds after every service. According to an insider, the church’s strong room has close circuit cameras installed in all the environ except the toilets. Olawore alongside other fellow accountants are saddled with the responsibility of counting the money and separating the hard currency from the local bill.

Olawore, a close family source revealed was very close to the bishop because of his intelligence, this paved way for him to head the department after a few years of his stewardship.

But despite being close to the richest pastor in the world, Mr. Olawore and some of his colleagues were found to be stealing from the church’s treasury. How did they do that with the Close Circuit TV monitors around?

It was gathered that they pinned the money in their hand and take excuse to visit the toilet where they would now hide it somewhere they would later have access to, because, after close of work, everyone will be subjected to thorough search before they are cleared to leave the strong room.

“sometimes they spend up to three days counting money and separating the hard currencies in different denomination. The tithes are directly paid into the Bishop’s account.

It became possible for them to steal hard currencies of higher denominations because these are monies that will last them sometime three days to finish counting. And while performing that duty, some of them were always using the convenience place to keep the money till after they are through with it the exercise before they would later go for their harvest” an inside source told a correspondent.

You would be shocked that many atimes the cleaners have even made themselves rich as they often see monies stashed in polythene and kept in the WC or sometime use the brush holder as piggy banks to keep the money.

Few months into this act, Olawore who is said to be blessed with the gift of prophecies was always seeing where others used to keep their stolen ‘goddies’ and as he has seen it, he would always go directly to retrieve the stolen loot.

It got to a point that the money was so enormous and he started buying lands all over the place mostly at Agbado area of Lagos, and at the same time living large and enjoying life to the fullest, but he could only do this for a short while, as his insatiable greed and appetite for women ruined him and all he has acquired through this shady means all went down the drain.

As you are reading this, Mr. Olawore seems to have become a recluse and is often seen muttering to himself while walking the streets without any hope of him regaining his sanity.

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