Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Job Scammers Now Using Ex-corpers Info From Nysc Yearbook


Hi, I just received this from a friend.  He says...


Please beware of any message from a girl name Faith who claims she is an ex-corper and ready to help get job. 

This is the format of her message.

Hi, how are you, i hope fine my name is Sister IKHIENA FAITH. your EDO CORPER MATE 2015 / 2016 BATCH 'A' EDO STATE, my state code is ED/15A/1659,
KPOBA-OKHA L.G.A. I work with SHELL SPDC OIL COMPANY, BONNY BRANCH in Rivers State have you gotting a job if no call me for urgent work info. if you are interested.

Here is what another pal received from their crew

Hi, it's me OFAFOR EMMANUEL EJIKE ur 2014 Batch C ex-copa mate in ED State, code ED/14C/1855, am now working with Shell Oil Company (spdc) in Rivers State branch, internal recritment is going on If u are interested cal me now 4 urgent info i wil link up 2 (HRM).

Please, we know there is high unemployment in the country. But we advise you do not fall a victim to the schemishes of these unscrupulous persons out of desperation to get a job.

You certainly will. if not, create one.

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