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Love Apart, What Comes Next?


Michael Doo is a blogger and the author of Michael Doo's Blog.
Blogger, Michael Doo

Michael Doo is a blogger and the author of Michael Doo's Blog. He, like every other young man, has had relationship issues. Many people who find themselves in this paricular situation would prefer to keep quiet while people haul insults and accusations at him. But Mr Doo thinks he should tell the world what exactly happened so that you and i could judge from a better perspective.

Patiently read what he wrote below:

Love is such a sweet thing that it makes us do things we ordinarily would not have done or would have done differently.  Love interprets and most times, wrongly events and actions around us. Love is accommodating and tolerates differences in belief, ideas, character, views and affiliations.

The benefits of love cannot be overemphasized. This is because love is the centre of whatever we do. Where there is no love, there is chaos, hatred, backbiting, violence and schism. Now love is good. Still, it appears love has put a veil on the eyes of many persons out there and they accept sh*t for love. This is what I came out of.

This is my story.

There is this beautiful lady whom I have dated for about five years. I met her when she was about 19 years old and was seeking for admission. I loved Princess and was ready to do anything for her. She is beautiful, lovely and I loved her more because she is assertive. Princess rarely made demands and hardly accepts money from me because she knows I hadn’t enough. She was ready to support me all through. When you say that a lady is hard working, then you must be talking about Princess.

Like every other young man out there, I struggled to make ends meet and she undeniably believed in me and was hopeful that someday things will work out. Consequently, I was willing to spend the rest of my life with this noble lady. I did everything possible to keep her and give her hope that things will certainly get better. Whenever I get a thousand Naira note, I think about Princess and was ready to part with half of the money to make her happy. Whenever I see a lovely gown along the road, I will always buy and take to her. I know the size of her feet, waist and… size of everything…

Princess is not just faithful but detests any woman who cheats on her man. In her words… ’I can’t imagine myself sleeping with a man whom I have no feelings for. I just don’t know why a woman will open her legs for any man that comes around’ I could swear with my life that Princess can never ever smell the breath of another man until one early morning I visited her and met a man in his boxers in her hostel! She effortlessly tried convincing me they had nothing going on that he just slept. Okay o!

Since February 2011 when God brought our paths together, I had tried making known to Princess what I want in a woman. I made her believe that I detest and can never live with any woman who is Rude Disrespective Insulting And bears grudges in her mind Unfortunately, Princess is all I have mentioned above. She throws words at me like…She is ready to say anything before me and it just didn’t matter provided she said her mind. That actually isn’t what I want. What about you? Princess made enemies, all my friends. In as much as I know she hates each and every one for a reason, I doubt it’s enough reason to talk to them disrespectfully.

Severally, she’s been at logger heads with people around and I could only get comments like… ’BUSKY, THAT YOUR GIRL RUDE O!’ Is that what you want, guys?

Now this is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

On this fateful evening, Princess visited and as usual was preparing something in the Kitchen, and I was in the sitting room working on my blog. Occasionally, she will run into the room to continue with her favourite soap, ‘I Do’ Soon, someone knocked on the door. I beckoned on her to help with the door.

Amaka is a friend and sometimes, whenever she is passing, checks on me. She came in and we exchanged pleasantries. She said she was going to a friend’s place and ‘branched’ to check on me. I offered her seat but she said she has to go because it was getting late. So I stood up to see her off. Amaka was ahead of me while I looked for a shirt to put on. Princess was like…

‘Nawa o (with a deceptive smile playing on her lips), so you are going out to discuss with her. Okay o’ I didn’t like the comment and I replied…

‘Princess, why are you being so fast? Nothing has happened yet and you are raising eyebrows?’ I slipped through the door and met Amaka outside.

We were chatting and gently strolling towards the gate. But all of a sudden, Princess appeared from nowhere right in front of us and stood akimbo! She asked Amaka…

‘Ehen, tell me, who are you and what are you to him’ (She asked pointing at me) I was dumbfounded. I stood speechless staring at her.

Amaka was taken unawares. She couldn’t immediately come up with an answer. Princess repeated the questions…

 ‘Am Princess, who did you say you are?’

 ‘Hmmm’ (Amaka began) ‘My name is Amaka. I stay around and most times I just come around to say Hi to them’ (referring to my neighbour).

‘Hmmm, is that all?’ Princess retorted

 ‘Yes’ with this response, Amaka moved on and I stood there confused.

I wasn’t sure of what to do next. Everything happened so quickly and I didn’t know when and how to come in. When I returned to the house, I didn’t say a word to her. I continued on my blog. Throughout the night, I couldn’t sleep.

The next day, I prepared for work. I dropped some money for her and left. When I got back from work, she had left and didn’t take the money I dropped.

After three days, she sent me a message on whatsapp. She said

‘Tell me what’s happening. Are we breaking up?’ I didn’t reply that chat.

After few more days, she called me on my line and said…

‘Just be a man and say the words. If we are breaking up, tell me, just say the words…’ This time around, I told her that was not willing to talk about that.

This morning in my office, I was just thinking about the whole incident. I thought to myself. What if I’d married this girl, how will people see me? That I can’t control my wife? ‘That my wife ‘runs’ me’?

My people, I know she may not be 100% wrong in whatever happened that day. But I was thinking it would have been better if she had enquired about the girl from me instead of confronting her the way she did. I believe she embarrassed not just me, but my visitor. I believe she was out to soil my image before people out there. I also believe she was looking for a way out and it was so cheap for her.

Now, I know that it’s not all about love. Love apart, what do we do with the character and habits of people we love and who are not willing to change?

Do we keep them because we love them? Or do we do away with love and strictly demand for a change in character?

Love had blinded us for years, but right now, I want to be with a woman that will be my wife and not my husband.

Tell me what you think?

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