Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Nigerian Narrates How He Was Denied Entry Into The US Even With A Valid Visa


Following President Trump's immigration ban which is yet unclear to Nigerians and other countries, one of the affected Nigerians, Francis Adekola who was banned from entering the United States of America, has narrated his experience at a US Airport.

The victim explained that the ban prevented him from attending his friend's wedding in Mississippi on February 15, 2017, despite having a valid visa. Francis who was deported shortly after landing the airport said:

“I travelled to the US on February 15, but when we got to the Atlanta airport, where I was to connect another flight, I was asked to step aside at the check-in counter by an armed border protection officer.
“He walked me to the luggage section and searched my wallet and bag. He also collected my telephone (set) and went through the contents: SMSes, pictures, WhatsApp chats, everything.”

The Canadian university Ph.D graduate, said he was informed by the immigration agent that he did not have strong ties in Nigeria and that he might not go back home if allowed into the US. He was allowed to speak to someone in America, but that didn't get him cleared from the airport, as he was placed on aircraft and returned to Abuja via Johannesburg.

“My documents were not released to me until the plane was airborne on its way to Abuja even though my home was in Lagos,” he said.

Francis who alleged that trip cost him N1M, disclosed he was not the only national affected.

The Punch reports that the US embassy could not be reached for comment, as it had yet to respond to an email, sent to it, seeking its reaction to the barring of Nigerians neither has Nigeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs available for comment.

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