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Signs That Your Relationship Is In Danger-must READ


Some ladies are so curious that beside their beauty, Intelligence, wealth and so on, why do they still end up in relationship break-ups, WHY can't they have a long-lasting and strong relationship? Do you ask yourself these questions? I think the fault is yours and not that of your partner. These reasons will give you a sense of realization and they will help you adjust..

1. Negative Thoughts

This is the most deadly problems most ladies suffer. Are you the type that feels he no longer loves you just because he doesn't call often? Or because he cancelled a date just for one or two reasons not known to you and this makes you feel there's another girl occupying him.

My Dear you might be wrong! Just because he stops calling doesn't mean he doesn't have you in mind. What if he is facing one or two challenges but you won't know because your wrong guess has so eaten deep into you that you won't even know when you break up with him, just because he doesn't call, which would be very foolish of you because if you have not given your negative thought a room in, you would have made attempts to call him to check what the problem might be for not calling you. He will open up to you.

Please ladies, if you don't know this let me break it down for you. Negative thought is an evil spirit that feeds you with lies and in the end pushes you to do what you are not suppose to do, and when you realize the damaging effect of what you have done, that evil spirit abandons you and that's when you now notice that you were not supposed to do it according to your negative voice, and it might be too late to make amends in the end, if this applies to you, you better give that negative thought a quick notice.

2. Looking At Others To Try To Make Your Relationship Work

Just because your girlfriend dangles a car key at your face telling you how her boyfriend buys a brand new car as a birthday present every year for her, or your friends are going on trips every week and you don't enjoy this, or You always see that beautiful girl always everywhere with her man. All these don’t give you the right to want your boyfriend to do same.

If you look at others in life you become a photocopied version of the original copy this can ruin your relationship greatly because you can't live the way others do. They are living their own world and you are living yours, so always learn to be grateful and appreciative to your partner and your partner should do same.

Learn to set standards for yourself, enjoy every bit of your relationship as you and your partner go through the good bad and the ugly, always be satisfied with your love life.Its better to be an example to make people admire and envy you,than for people to set examples for you.

3. When Your Relationship Seems Boring

Of a truth, a boring relationship is like a human with a broken spinal cord,to make your relationship work,you've got to have fun moment with your partner, men loves vibrant and lively ladies. Include jokes that will make him laugh,be playful around him,do annoying things that will make him scream out loud,pillow fight! I love this one,but please don't play to the extent of hiding his document oooo.. Nobody wants to experience a boring relationship coz its as good as dead-its so not gonna work at all.

This is another very strong strategy of getting your relationship firm,that would even make him cry like a baby when he travels for business trips for like a week,coz girl! you making him miss the playful girl that gave him a playful spank before he entered that plane.. So girl if you experience boredom in your relationship I think its time to go for some play practice.

4. Not Using The "Okay Fine! I Admit It I Am Wrong" Statement When Necessary

Guys hate it when you are wrong and you just wanna be right,this turns them off totally,My dear its the gospel truth, I am not saying always admit you are wrong when an issue comes up all I am saying is admit you are wrong when you know you are. Not that claiming right when you wrong adds up to your bank account or beauty o,it will only extend your relationship status to 3 more years or lead to a break up for you Because he won't want to put a ring on your finger if you do this almost all the time it will result to him being scared of you always doing the wrong thing and claiming you right and this can lead him to his early grave.

5. No Understanding of who you are Dating

Some ladies are just so lazy that they don't even know and understand their partners and in the end they end up having tons of argument which could lead to a daily routine if care is not taken.

its is always advisable that you know every thing about your partner,when I say everything you, know what I mean,ask questions about his background,what he does coz nobody wants a broke lazy man,ask about his worldview,what he likes and what he hates, you should also be able to study him and so on and make him ask you too and besides he's definitely gonna ask you except he doesn't have a goal in the relationship. Getting to know each other helps you to know who you are dealing with.This is one very strong key to securing your relationship coz if you guys don't know each other then the compatibility is 0% because once you don't understand him you cant know how real he is.

6. Laziness

Wow! I love this. Tell me I'm not missing this out!’Dear I need this,Dear I need that,Dear I am broke’,mostly Send me recharge card almost all the time just because your boyfriend happens to be the presidents son you feel he's your ATM machine right? My dear he wont only try by all means to avoid you,he will also break up with you and flush the respect he has for you down the toilet because you will only make him feel you love his money and not him. so please if you do this often stop it now!! Guys loves hardworking ladies,they don't just love but respect them,some ladies say when a lady has too much cash men will be scared to come their way,my dear its pure lies being a hardworking woman scares men who are not worthy to ask them out it takes a bold and intelligent buoyant man to make this move so change that mentality now... No guy will settle for a lazy lady so the earlier you get that the better for you!

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