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Tips On Dealing With Anxiety During Examinations


One common problem students face when preparing for examination is anxiety. An unnecessary apprehension takes over their mind, incapacitating them from making the best use of their faculties.

This anxiety starts with a mild concern about their low level of preparation for the upcoming examination, then, if not controlled early enough, it develops into great nervousness which steals their self-assurance, deprives them of energy, determination and inspiration.

A certain level of anxiety is normal for all students preparing for examinations. This anxiety comes as a result of not knowing what to expect in the examination and for fear of unforeseen circumstances. This anxiety is inborn.

However, once this anxiety gets to the stage of depriving a student of the necessary confidence to face the challenges of the examination, then examination failure is imminent if nothing is done about it.

In order to overcome this anxiety, you will need to take the following steps

1. Discover The Source Of The Anxiety

Something is probably responsible for the anxiety, find it out. Don’t just be deceived into believing that it is normal. A mild level may be normal, but if it affecting your examination performance, then you can no longer claim it is normal. Go on a self-discovery mission to determine the real source of your anxiety. Ask yourself the following questions:

A. At what stage of the examination do I notice this anxiety, is it weeks, days, or hours before the examination, during the examination, or after the examination?

B. If it is before the examination, what are the things that I should do before the exam that I fail to do?

C. What are the things I should not do that I often engage in?

D. Is this anxiety caused by my relationship with certain individuals?

E. If it is during the examination, what can be the cause?

F. If it is after the examination, what can it be traced to?

2. Eliminate The Source Of The Anxiety

It is not just enough to discover the source. The facts discovered from the first step above will not affect your life positively if nothing is done about it. The discovery must lead to tangible steps that will eliminate the source of the anxiety if you are really serious about dealing with examination anxiety.

Take the items discovered one by one, and begin to device strategies of eliminating them one at a time. If you are able to eliminate the causes of your anxiety, you will effectively deal with examination anxiety.

3. Remove The Thoughts Of Anxiety

The thoughts of anxiety did not start in one day, and although the source can be eliminated in one day, the thoughts may take a longer time. You will need to consciously and constantly work on yourself on daily basis so as to eliminate these thoughts.

Sam. O. Salau
(Africa’s Leading Author On Campus Issues)

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