Monday, 24 April 2017

How a Caucasian dog kills a snake [PHOTOS]


A Nairaland user 'abiambo' narrates how his Caucasian breed dog named Ramsey killed a black snake.

Read Abiambo statement below:
Ramsey is the pet of the house, loved by all with the same intensity with which he is feared by men and dogs from outside...

He's a marvel how he can transform from an angry, uncontrollable killer to a household pet in no time... before we had him we've always had issues with cats (outside @ the back) and rats inside the house.
After only 6 months in d house the cats no longer jump into the compound to cry et al, the rats were reducing by the day.. Ramsey was killing dem and dumping dem whr he dumps everything he kills (in front of the house) from rats to birds to lizard till he dropped a snake one day .... fast forward to today.
We woke up as usual , morning routine as I wanted to leave the house on opening the front door I found a snake not knowing if it's alive or not I ran back looked for a stone and threw @ it no motion, I suspected Ramsey but tried again still no movement so I stepped out called ppl and we burnt it.. this is the second time Ramsey is wetting a snake so lalasticlala kindly dedicate this fp to KILLER RAMSEY

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