Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Senate President Saraki Abdicates Responsibility On Buhari's Health State | SEE Buhari Test Result


Nigeria's senate led by Bukola Saraki has continued to abandon its constitutional responsibility to investigate the ailing health of President Muhammadu Buhari and his capacity to remain holed-up in Aso Rock at the helm of affairs.

Nigeria's civil service stipulates a 42-day limit to health related absence from post before an enforced medical board evaluation towards resignation is coursed.

While President Muhammadu Buhari resides in an office-residence and is flanked by aides who appear to have silently taken over his duties, thus making it seem as if he is still in control – recently being notably more talkative in local and global affairs than Buhari is known to be– Nigerians are becoming weary of the president's true state of command.
Nigeria Will Continue Whether We Are Here Or Not – Buhari

Buhari has been "resting" according to official releases since January. That is a total of four months that Nigeria has not had a defined leadership and has been kept in the dark as to the true state of the president's well being. Buhari in his singular speech seemed more honest and admitted being managed for a severe condition warranting blood transfusions and medical investigations and cocktails. He even talked of the fate of Nigeria in the happenstance of his demise. "Nigeria will continue whether we are here or not..." - Buhari, March 11, 2017.

For the last two months the president has not exited the gates of Aso Rock even once. He has only given one public speech, which was upon his arrival. This is troubling and has heated up the polity.

"Yar'Adua Is Sick, Impeach Him Now!" – Buhari in 2010

Quoting Buhari. His questioned state of health and refusal to make it transparent and handover to his deputy warrants the initiation of an impeachment process by the senate. Buhari asked for the impeachment process to be commenced when former Nigerian leader Umaru Yar'Adua was similarly indisposed and failed to handover to deputy Goodluck Jonathan.

Just today, a police officer allegedly threatened to kill 200 innocent civilians should the president die (God forbid). He postulated that Buhari was recently poisoned. The danger of Buhari not making a full public disclosure of his state of health and the duration for which he has been ill; including confirming or denying medical reports in the media allegedly from the ABU teaching hospital of "prostate cancer" diagnosis and surgery from as far back as 2014, cannot be overemphasized. There is a need for Nigeria to know and for Buhari to make the right conscientious choices so he can reassure and steer Nigeria and allay fears and fights during and after any possible transition before it is too late, should this be the case.

Nigeria Is Greater Than Any One Man

The senate is therefore implored to protect the constitution and live up to its sworn obligations by immediately commencing a professional investigation into Nigeria's president's physical and mental health status and capacity to remain on seat. This is in Buhari's personal interest and the interest of national security and progress.

Nigeria has been down this path before when the senate delayed the transfer of power swiftly to the Vice president as constitutionally stipulated.

The senate must put the dilemma, hopes and interests of Nigeria ahead of the dilemma, hopes and interests of its leader.

Dr. Perry Brimah

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