Friday, 4 August 2017

CEO 'let an escort he met online spend $5.8M on his company's credit card



A top drug company executive and an escort managed to rack up $5.8million worth of charges on a company credit card.

Court filings showed Scott Kennedy, 43, who worked for France-based Nemera, and Crystal Lundberg, 31, spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, a San Diego mansion, a chauffeur for her children, dogs and even potted plants.

Kennedy says he let Lundberg dupe him into spending the millions because he wanted to be loved and had hoped it would lead to a family.

Kennedy told the FBI that he first met Lundberg in 2012 through the classified ad website Backpage. com, which advertises sexual services.

Lundberg was working as a professional escort at a time, and agents say Kennedy solicited her services between eight and ten times from 2012 to May 2015.

By May 2015, Lundberg began seeking financial assistance from Kennedy. Soon afterwards, she, her two young children, and their pets moved in with Kennedy at his suburban home.

That November, Kennedy gave Lundberg access to the company credit card for the first time after she asked for help buying Christmas gifts for her daughters, according to the filing.

Over the next 16 months, the two burned through $5.79million of company cash, authorities alleged.
Analysis conducted by Nemera found more than 8,800 improper charges to the company credit card between November 2015 and mid-March 2017.

This included money to front Lundberg's own spa known as K&K Cosmetics, plastic surgery during a stay in Miami, two Rolex watches, a personal driver for her daughters, a maid, two purebred dogs and trips to numerous location include Bali, Hawaii, France and Costa Rica.

Almost $1million was spent on travel alone.

He told the agency that Lundberg had led him to believe she would eventually reimburse him as she claimed she was adopted by a wealthy family as a child and, at age 30, she would be able to access $4million.

But Lundberg, who filed for bankruptcy in 2009 reported to only about $100 in a checking account and income of about $200 a month with no mention of a trust fund.

Kennedy told the Chicago Tribune he was duped by the escort because 'wanted to have a family'.

'I wanted to be loved and cared for. My heart kind of overrid my head and said, "Take a chance",' he said.
'Well, it blew up in my face. My mistake was trusting her. At this point, I have very little faith anything she told me ever was true.'

Kennedy agreed to cooperate with authorities, including making undercover recordings of face-to-face and telephone conversations, according to the court filing.

In May, prosecutors filed a warrant to seize Lundberg's business checking account and FBI agents raided her San Diego mansion.

According to 10News, dozens of agents in full gear with guns stormed the residence, seizing a Jaguar and white grand piano, among other things. Recent photos seem to suggest, however, that Lundberg is still living in the residence.

At the time, the mansion was the site of an estate sale advertised as 'Unexpected move for Chicago Heiress with Designer EVERYTHING'.

Culled from Daily Mail


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