Friday, 20 June 2014

Mugshot of a Felony suspect, Jeremy Meeks makes women go crazy on Facebook


felon suspect Jeremy Meeks
Jeremy Meeks
A 30-year-old man, Jeremy Meeks, was arrested for possessing illegal firearm, carrying loaded firearm in public, and street gang related crimes. Three of Jeremy's friends Terry , Bailey, 22, Juzri Coleman, 18, and Joelin Coleman, 44 were also arrested on June 18th 2014 by Stockton Police Department. 

Immediately the Stockton Police Department posted Jeremy's mugshot on their Facebook page, ladies from different parts of the world blew the page up with crazy messages, not because of his crime but because of his looks.

The women were not interested on his friends but just Jeremy. 

His mugshot has gotten over 46,000 likes, 14,000 comments, 5,000 shares and its still counting...

Here are some of the comments below...
Missbonnie Obispo wrote: Gorgeous.. He can also can come to Prison in Holland..  sexy
Andrea Angeloni Mcmillan wrote:  When caught, send him to me, I will punish him  
Colourful Waves wrote: WHEN IS HIM COMING OUT?? Please contact me , we will have beautiful babies together... 
Maribel Torres Noriega wrote: OMG can him marry me ! Hes so cute 
A lady wrote: Dear Jeremy, you can rob my house anytime you want. Just make sure you come alone ;)".  
Another lady wrote: He can add another teardrop to his face after he murders this ***sy. Hahahaha

Woman like bad guys....


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Women are necessary evil... Chai there is God ooo.... #Joefirst

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I am a man to comment on another man's look will be gayish. its a nice pic and a good lucking gentleman to say the least

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