Sunday 29 June 2014

Your future for a bag of rice? - Message to Nigerian Youths

Nigerian youths be wise... If we really want to be leaders of tomorrow we need to act now. It pains me to see such things happen in this modern world whereby shady politicians will bribe us with just a penny that will affect out future on the long run.

So you sold your future for a bag of rice.

You voted in a candidate, because of a 20lbs bag of grain.

You mortgaged the next four years, once again for 50 cups of rice.

You re-established your lack of opportunity and lack of employment for life, for that sack.

You signed-off to it that your nation will not have power, water, security and the simplest things almost all nations have, because you were going home that day with some mudu's of Oryza Sativa.

You gave victory to Boko Haram and armed robbers, pirates, kidnappers, corrupt officials, and every other stinking facet of society, just for a one-time 50 handfuls of rice, beggars dose.

You volunteered to be hungry for most of four years, once again, that you be full for ten days with that bag.

You decided to condemn your neighbor, your friends, your elders, the young and even your enemies to suffering for four more years that you may eat jollof for ten days.

I have just one question for you?

I am not even asking how will you feel after you have eaten and passed-on the rice by the next week.

My question is - how will you feel if that bag fell off your head on your way home and all the rice mixed with dotti (dirt)?

...By Perry Brimah

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