Monday 16 June 2014

Nigerian Man Disowns Son via Newspaper Advert

The man statement reads:

I, Ozo Oswald Dokwe Okam solemnly declare that Ozo Chidi Okam is no longer my son. I will not want him to serve me when I am dead since he did not serve me in my life time. He should return all my certificate of occupancy and other valuable documents in his possession to me and be satisfied with the things I willed to him in my will. He should no longer act on my behalf whether alive or dead and should henceforth be fully responsible for all his actions and deeds. Above all, he should not participate or interfere in my burial in accordance with the Christian rites.

Yours faithfully,
Ozo Oswald Dokwe Okam

**What must the son have done to warrant this?**

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